Rick Dockery Research Paper

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Rick Dockery has been having a not too impressive NFL career. He currently is the third string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns and his stay does not last much longer. He gets cut after he blew the AFC championship game that Cleveland had in the bag. After this disaster no NFL team wants him, but he still wants to continue his football career so he turns to his agent Arnie for help. Arnie thinks it might be time to call it quits and retire, but Rick refuses. Arnie calls everyone he thought would possibly take Rick, he eventually decided to make one more call before he gave up on the search. He calls the head coach of the Parma Panthers, Sam Russo who was happy to take Rick who is an actual NFL quarterback in his small Italian league. Rick …show more content…
Rick’s agent, Arnie, gets a call from a man named Rat Mullins who is known for creating the machine-gun offense. The offense is special because it passes on every play, they never run the ball. Rick and Rat became close when Rat was the offensive coordinator in Toronto at the same time Rick was there. Rat was offering a spot for Rick in the Canadian league for eighty grand, and Arnie even promised that he would, “have it up to a hundred by the time you get here”(Grisham 196). The problem with this deal is that Rick is starting to enjoy Italy and his team and he doesn’t want to leave in the middle of the season and disappoint his teammates. Rick’s current contract is for twenty grand for five months, a place to stay, and a car. Rick could not sleep that night thinking about what he should do. Arnie calls the next day and told Rick that the Canada team payed for a ticket for him to fly over there to see what it is like but Rick gave no answer as to if he would go or not. Then Rat called Rick and convinced Rick to take the trip to Canada. Rick flew to Toronto where he has a layover for his flight to Regina. In Toronto as he waits for his flight in a coffee bar, Rick picks up a copy of the Regina daily and reads the section in it about

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