Richard Wright 's Black Boy Essay

1105 Words May 20th, 2016 5 Pages
Ever since the early years of America, black men and women have been the victims of numerous cases of racial discrimination and hatred. Conditions eventually changed as African Americans were able to win equal rights. Today, we even have an African American elected as president of the United States. However, this journey was never easy, as shown through the events of “Black Boy”, an autobiography written by Richard Wright. Richard Wright was an African American man, born after the Civil War, but before the Civil Rights Movement. This era was in a time when black slaves were given freedom, yet continued to suffer as victims of racial discrimination by means of legal segregation. If Richard Wright were to create an autobiography today in 2016, about a black boy growing up in the U.S, he would write about limited employment due to racism, the negative effects of racial profiling against African Americans, and the impact of racial discrimination in public education on young African Americans. Today, racial discrimination still continues to exist, as shown through the racism in the workforce. Black men and women are constantly denied the same employment opportunities due to their race or skin color. One example of racial discrimination is shown by the article, “ 'Because you’re black ': Framboise Patisserie in Middle Village, Queens, hit with $25,000 in fines, penalties in discrimination case.” In this article, authors Nathan Place and Erin Durkin, write about a case where…

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