Richard Is A Person With A Learning Disability Essay

712 Words May 11th, 2016 3 Pages
From the video it is clear that, Richard is a person with a learning disability and he realised to have confused feeling toward relationships. When he was a teenager he started to have gay feelings. Also because of learning disability and being a gay he felt very different from others and he felt cannot share his secret with anyone. Obviously LGBT people who have learning disability have the same needs, hopes and fears as other. Sometimes these may be expressed or communicated in a different way, but their ambitions are the same - around work and their personal life. Richard would like to have someone to speak up with and find out more about his condition as he was a disabled person with special needs. If Community care service, support them and try to be there for people like Richards , they will make a huge difference in their lives. By using listening skills and empathy, they allow people to talk and speak up about their experience this is what Richard really needed, but he was refused and misguided. Especially because of his age as he was a teenager and more sensitive, therefore; all those uncleaned feelings and silenced questions hurt him and reminded him his loneliness. He needed people to understand his demand. Lack of support was the biggest problem which he was complaining about, with his care management. When a person has a new experience about something, it could be a new feeling, new irregular or uncommon situation, especially when there is a lack of knowledge…

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