Essay about Richard Branson, The Founder And Creator Of Virgin Group

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Though there are many great and successful entrepreneurs, I have decided to do my research paper on Richard Branson. Richard Branson is the founder and creator of Virgin Group. Virgin Group generate millions of dollars yearly and are very profitable. Not is only Branson a successful entrepreneur, but he is also a very unique person. He likes to think outside the box and believes that if someone has done it already then you should not do it twice. I believe this is one of his strongest traits and one of the main reasons why he is very successful. Branson started his success at such a young age, he was only fifteen when he started his first company. During Branson teen years, he was living through the Vietnam War, this is when he saw the opportunity. Many teens did not know what to do and were frightened by the war, so Branson started to sell magazines that gave teens advice. He named the company “Student”, it was a company ran by students for students. The company was started with only two hundred dollars, which were fund by a necklace that Branson’s mother found and then was sold. The company jumpstarted very quickly, it sold eight thousand dollars in advertisement within the first fifty thousand copies distributed.
With enough profit Branson saw another opportunity, he wanted to start a record company. Branson knew he would be able to build a very successful record company, especially since he was living through the sex, drugs, and rock and roll era. Though the record…

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