Jay Z Argument Essay

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After reading about Jay Z, there is no doubt that he is an entrepreneur because he has created multiple companies that have been successful over the years. However, I do not think Jay Z deserves to be ranked very high in the pantheon of entrepreneurs because he was not a great entrepreneur like some of the others we have studied. Jay Z’s entrepreneurship started when he and his friends created their own record label, then he later started the 40/40 cub, Rocawear, Roc-A-Fella Records, and Roc Nation. Although he started all of these ventures, I would argue that Jay Z is not a model entrepreneur. Jay Z is a celebrity; his music career was incredible and Jay Z was an amazing artist who revolutionized the world of hip-hop and rap. In my opinion, his entrepreneurial efforts and successes were a result of his fame, talent as a singer, and popularity. I would argue that any well-known celebrity today could start a clothing line or open a sports bar that would be successful, but does that make them an entrepreneur? My answer is no. There is no innovation required, which I believe is a characteristic that must be present for someone to be an entrepreneur. There is not as much hard work and grit required because celebrities have …show more content…
He used the business sense he had to propel him to be successful, not entrepreneurship. Jay Z is in a very comparable position to Oprah. We label both of them as celebrities and entrepreneurs in our world today, but I believe Oprah was a better entrepreneur than Jay Z. Oprah’s outreach sets her apart from Jay Z as an entrepreneur. Jay Z’s companies affect people’s lives, but they do not have nearly as much of a personal and direct impact on people’s lives as Oprah’s endeavors do. As a recording artist, I’m sure Jay Z’s music has a personal impact on some people, but so does every other musician’s

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