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Contracted Nose
Revision rhinoplasty, commonly termed to as a secondary rhinoplasty procedure, refers to resize or reshape an individual’s nose following his/her prior attempted nose surgery. Contracted nose rhinoplasty is often performed to fix cosmetic irregularities along with correcting breathing difficulties, which may develop from suboptimal surgical procedure.
Revision rhinoplasty is considered as one of the most difficult nose correction surgeries performed by the top rhinoplasty surgeons to attain consistent results. The difference between an undesirable or optimal outcome is often measured in millimetres.
Most cases of the contracted nose surgery involve disproportionate reduction of a person’s nasal bridge, poorly grafted implant materials, and asymmetry, irregularities of the nasal tip, and infection or extrusion of implant causes extensive scarring both on and under the skin, resulting in a thick, non elastic skin. Over the years, the scarring can tighten, further causing the tip to rotate upwards giving an
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Depending upon the specific requirements of a person and the complexity of the procedure, your surgeon may decide on the Open and Closed Rhinoplasty. The procedure is selected by carefully assessing the technique that would best fit the person to impart the desired results. Since the closed rhinoplasty approach limits a direct visualization of a person’s nasal anatomy, it offers compromising results. And so, an open or external rhinoplasty is mainly used for intricate cases, such as correcting the contracted nose, tip alternation, or bridge augmentation. Besides, a revisional nose job for a contracted nose may also require various tissue grafts. Only an expert with an in-depth knowledge in grafting techniques, tissue transplantation, and tissue rearrangement are uniquely equipped to deal with such

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