Rhinoceros Of Rhinoceros Ionesco Shows Us How Shallow Humanity Can Be Do You Agree?

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In rhinoceros ionesco shows us how shallow humanity can be do you agree?

Yes I agree humanity is shallow

Shallow: being shallow is never considered to be a good thing,it means:of little depth,

not exhibiting, requiring, or capable of serious thought.

Everyone in today’s society is shallow, some a little more than others. But is it wrong to be shallow? To me being shallow is a part of human nature, you can control it but you can’t get rid of it. Reject or not like someone because of a certain reason? .

To be shallow is to be judgmental, . People are shallow in various ways, for instance not liking someone because of their hair, or because they like certain music. In the end it all comes down to a self-made list, a criteria that the person uses to pick who they like and who they don’t.

Ionesco has also portrayed this shallowness in our humanity:

When jean comes to meet berenger in the cafe he is utterly disputed by him and how berenger is dresses and looks.

So jean pulls out a tie from his pocket and says “ here put this one on” and makes another comment and says “ your hair is all over the place” demonstrating how he only cares about looks and appearances rather than what 's on the inside.

One method by which Ionesco conveys shallowness is through the senselessness of the characters (besides Bérenger) This ridiculousness can be seen especially through their reactions to the two rhinoceroses that run past the café in the first act. The people…

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