Rhetorical Devices In Mirai No Watashi (The Future Me) '

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Commercials have a diverse usage of rhetorical devices. The idea is to sell a product or institute an idea into the minds of those who watch. To expand the concept of the product, commercials target the audience’s sense of emotions, logic, and trustworthiness. The audience is encouraged to keep an interest in the product or company. The "Mirai no Watashi (The Future Me)" McDonald 's commercial implements rhetorical devices such as pathos, logos, and ethos to persuade its audience to view its company as a playful, supporting place to work in hopes to promote people to join the company.
The first way in which the commercial employs pathos in order to persuade its audience is its innovative use of anime/animation. The more creative an advertisement
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The commercial reveals to the audience that when starting out your first job you may be nervous, but there will always be a helping hand. For example, the manager always observed her employee and supported her whenever she made an error. The adolescence made multiple clumsy mistakes which gives the commercial a humorous feel, such as when her face turned red when she was asked to smile, and how she almost slipped and fell delivering fries to a customer. Embarrassment is a characteristic that all humans experience and the audience feel a sense of sympathy for her. With the assistance of the manager, the audience grows an attachment to the company’s work environment and worker appreciation that it displays. At the end of the commercial, the company uses a repetitive expression that vocalizes ‘The Future Me’ by promoting the adolescence as the manager and portraying her growth as a character. The new employer greets another young adolescence seeking a job, giving the commercial a significant impact of closure and entrust the audience that they too will get …show more content…
Children play an innocent and a welcoming role in the hearts of the audience. The commercial incorporates that the company is family oriented and employees show love to the younger generation. The straightforward nature of the child asking for a smile from the employee in the commercial provokes a youthful energy and positive psychological effect. The child then shows tremendous happiness as she accepts the well-known happy meal. The pathos is expressed with the use of the happy meal that was given to the child. It draws the audience in remembrance of their childhood and the first time they too were given a happy meal. The attachment to childhood memories lead the targeted audience to want to work in that memorial environment.
Not only does the commercial appeal to the audience 's emotions, it also attracts there perception of reasoning. According to a study, job attributes such as benefits and working conditions, is a consideration to majority of people seeking employment (Yüce). The logos displayed in the commercial implies a gain in leadership skills and

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