Rhetorical Analysis: Review: What A Wonderful World

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Opposing Forces
The individuals who are in favor of gun control are the weaker force in the documentary and the society against gun control are the stronger force. The weakness in the society is fair of lose their rights to buy guns without permission and the goal in the weaker is fight against guns.
The first signifier is the background music of the song called “What a Wonderful World” when the documentary was showing images of cruel things that humans did to others. For example, when the American military killed 4 million people in Southeast Asia. The song has a sarcastic meaning because the videos that were shown while the music was playing were not resemble of a wonderful world. Another signifier was a message that a woman said
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The ritual that people do in Canada such as leaving the door open because they are nor afraid of someone entering at their home. Another code is a representational code such as mass media codes. For example, anytime that the guy was showing a news clip they were using mass media codes because they were filmed with a camera. The last code is a social code such as verbal language code. The voice of the women that were interviewed after the Columbine shooting. Their voices meant that they were hurt and very sad while explaining that they were in the library when all …show more content…
This is reflecting that guns can be part of the culture but giving the freedom of guns does not make the United States the safest country in the world.
Creating culture
People still having troubles remembering the Columbine High School massacre in 1999; It is seen in the documentary when Daniel’s father, the father of one of the children that died in the Columbine High School shooting, almost start to cry when he is talking about his son. He said, “something is wrong in this country when someone shot a bullet into the middle of a child face as my child experienced, something is wrong”. He was consumed by the pain of loosing his child Daniel.
Societies are being affected by media; The media blaming Marilyn Manson because they said that the killers of Columbine shooting listen music of Marilyn Manson. He defends himself by saying that media keeps people afraid and TV and shows creates a culture that if you have bad breath people are not going to talk to you and if you have pimples girls are not going to fuck you. He said that media is a campaign of fear and

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