Rhetorical Analysis Of William Zinsser 's ' College Pressures '

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Whether we like to admit it or not, college pressures face a large majority of the youth population. William Zinsser makes a few well-rounded points concerning these post-secondary struggles in his essay, “College Pressures.” The pressures that are mentioned in the essay are grouped into four classifications: economic, parental, peer, and self-induced. For starters, William Zinsser quotes, “They want a map - right now - that they can follow unswervingly to career security, financial security, and presumably, a prepaid grave.” This thought process of a student is very sad indeed. Gone are the days of living your life to the fullest. Experts will promptly agree that constantly thinking of the future will cause more stress than needed. We must enjoy the blessings we have now and savor our time, because when time is gone, it does not come back. Now to get into Zinsser’s categories and see how he analyzes college pressures. First off, the essay references to the economic hardships faced by most college students. I hail from a household with a single parent over the age of sixty raising four children with me as the oldest. As you could hopefully imagine, my father does not have the necessary funds for my schooling. This fact prompted me to have to take on the challenge of a part-time job in the afternoon in addition to classes in the morning. All this work has been a very hard transition for me to make it through due to the fact that I didn’t have to work throughout my high…

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