Steve Jobs 'How To Live Before You Die'

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On June 14, 2005 on the day of graduation for the University of Standford students, Steve Jobs made a commencement speech titled How to Live Before You Die. This speech was compromised of three stories about Steve Jobs ' life. He used many different ways to catch his audience 's attention; he used humor and his life experiences. In his speech, he said that he and Steve Wozniak made the first Apple computer in a garage. Steve Jobs had to sell his car and Steve Wozniak had to sell his Hp calculator. Month later both of them created the company Apple and quickly got a company that was worth two million dollars. When Steve Jobs was thirty years old, he got fired from the company he started. This did not drag him down; he created two new companies …show more content…
Jobs ' uses humor at the beginning of the speech to say that he is at a university speaking but he never graduated. When talking about how he made typefaces for the Apple 1.He made a joke saying that if he hadn 't made the typefaces for make that probably no computers would have these elegant typefaces and because windows copied the mac is why they have them too. His physical portrayal of his speech was very poor. Jobs made very little eye contact because he was reading directly off of his paper on the podium. This means that he was looking down for most of the speech sometimes, but very rarely looking up for a split second. He just stood at the podium and hardly moved at all, which made the speech not as exciting as is could be. Steve Jobs wrote an excellent speech gaining the excitement of the audience through the use of humor and life experiences. These experiences he had he wanted to teach the audience about. He learned them through his life and now he can teach the audience, so they don 't have to go learn it the hard way and figure it out themselves. His physical portrayal of his speech was very poor by just reading off of his transcript that he brought with him. These lessons are what stuck to me when hearing this. I bet it would stick with you as

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