Rhetorical Analysis Of President Obama 's Speech Essay example

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President Barack Obama effectively convinces his audience that increasing minimum wage is a matter that the American people have the power to make this change come to pass. He utilizes the appeals of ethos, pathos and logos to motivate the audience to take action in their community.
In this literature review I want to highlight a few subcategories that help understand how President Obama was successful in convincing the American population to flex their democratic muscle to ensure that the issue of raising the minimum wage is heard.
I plan on doing this by following Aristotle’s persuasive appeals: ethos, pathos and logos. All of these appeals are relevant to the content of President Obama’s speech. I plan to look at other research that was done in the realm of persuasion that can identify how President Obama’s speech utilizes these approaches to get his message across. Ethos1
Ethos is an ethical appeal, which means to persuaded to audience using the persons credibility/character.
Gundersen, & Hopper looked at how the audience would react to pre-videotaped speeches. There were six variables that they used in order to differentiate what an effective and ineffective speech giver would look like. These variables included volume, rate of words spoken, voice quality, posture, gesture, and body movement. This is relevant to the speech given by President Obama because it will help me classify specific variables that contributed to his verbal or non-verbal success.…

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