Rhetorical Analysis On Barack Obama

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Obama’s Campaign “Yes we can”
Done by: Nour Rammal
Instructor: Dr. Tahani Nassar
Rhetoric and Persuasion

Barak Obama is the 44thand the current president of United States, and he is the first African American to serve U.S. president. He was elected in 2008 and won a second term in 2012. Obama said that the best education he ever had, was his personal experience in finding his identity, better than anything he got at Harvard law school, something that shaped his path to the White house. We know that personality has a strong impact on the performance and the actions of the person. Here I will show you some of the Obama’s characters that lead him to be a president. Obama knows the true meaning of leadership by
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Successful campaigns are those who used proper and right strategy. Firstly, the underlying idea of Obama’s campaign strategy was community organizing. It was Obama’s initiative to build his campaign from the bottom-up and to apply his community organizing experience for politics. It resulted as time managing claimed, with a “fundamental” change in politics and brought him victory. Secondly, the right language is critical in framing issues, and American respect blunt talk, they are fact-oriented in putting out message. Thus president Obama proves his intelligence and leadership skills. His rhetoric used to be marked as excellent, though many journalists call him “professional” due to his rigid and austere style of …show more content…
The video shows a red line going down in a graph with voice over listing the worst things happened in America, and giving real statistics and percentages, while the line still coming down until the music stopped for 2 seconds then Obama starts to talk, by showing 2009 (inauguration day), and he oriented a powerful and intentional speech by saying that: “today I say to you the challenge we face they are real, they are serious and they are many”. When Mr. Obama took office, America had already lost 4.4 million jobs – an economic disaster. Some said that American’s best day were behind them. The video goes through a laundry list of Mr. Obama’s stimulus saving 4.2 million jobs, the end of the Iraq war, death of Osama bin laden, and the changes to regulation of Wall Street. The video continues the hard work done by Barak Obama and at the end of the video he promise people that America on the way, and there’s still more to

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