Rhetorical Analysis Of Fedex Ad

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In today’s society we are constantly surrounded by advertisement. There is always something that society wants you to buy. In first world countries advertisement has been around for centuries and has become a normal part of daily living. Big companies, that have been around for a decades, have begun to start advertising products and services using no words in their advertisements. But can an advertisement without any written information be eye catching enough to grab the consumer attention? By Using a FedEx® Express ad we can analyze all the rhetorical devices presented and rule out if the ad is effective enough to stand out to consumers.
Some facts about the advertisement are that is was published around the end of the year 2010. This was
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Unlike the post office, FedEx® ships directly from one part of the world to another. It is very well known company with mostly good feedback from customers. This advertisement is to show that FedEx® is becoming faster and more reliable, which will increase their business.
The advertisement itself is depicting one person handing a valuable vase through a FedEx® Express box. And the bottom of the box is open and someone is receiving the vase. Both of the people have their hands on the vase. It is being passed through the box representing that shipping with FedEx® Express is like instantons handing the vase to the receiving party yourself. There is only a plan background so as not draw focus away from the transaction. But the vase itself is very unique in design with many colors. I believe this is to bring focus towards the actual transaction itself.
Using the three rhetorical appeals consumers can begin to connect with the advertisement. There are three appeals logos, ethos, and pathos. “Reasoning (logos): appealing to readers’ common sense, beliefs, or values Credibility (ethos): using the reputation, experience, and values of the author or an expert to support claims Emotion (pathos): using feelings, desires, or fears to influence readers.” Paine
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They are trying to state that the same great service you have received with FedEx® shipping in the past can be enhanced with FedEx® Express. Even without words the FedEx® ad does have a lot of credibility worldwide so it appeals to people’s ethos very strongly.
The Pathos in the ad is clearly shown and makes this ad more like a work of art that a commercial. The ad is trying to appeal to consumer emotionally by stating that anyone can use this service successfully with no problems. The ad wishes that consumers think of shipping with FedEx® Express as if they would if they were personally giving them the item them self without business getting in between them and the receiver.
Looking at all of the rhetorical devices shown through the essay can shed light on the opening question. Even without words the FedEx© ad does have a lot of credibility worldwide so it appeals to people’s ethos. The pathos in the ad makes us feel just as connected as if we were looking at the art of life. And the logos ties it all together making us know this is not just fantasy but an actual process we can purchase for our lives. After analyzing all of the rhetorical appeals I believe that this advertisement can effectively stand out to consumers without the need of any words with information on the product in the

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