Rhetorical Analysis Of An Alligator

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Rhetorical Analysis

The artifact I chose to analyze is a political cartoon, opening the truth about the Republican party’s goals and intentions. David Horsey, who works for the Los Angeles times, created this artifact. This daily newspaper is famous for several reasons, one of them being publishing of Political cartoons that have a lot of meanings in them. In this essay I will be analyzing one of those cartoons. The basic meaning behind the artifact is the abolishment of benefits for the jobless percentage of the nation and cutting taxes for the wealthy. Within the cartooned image there is a lot of hidden meanings and representations through the use of different animals and only one human character, which is the authority figure.

One of the
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However, that is all being destroyed because of the poorly distributed republican government funds helping the rich get richer and poor get poorer, which follows the stratification theory. The alligator sitting at the back of the boat represents the rich. Its size is very large and has a big grin on his face. This represents satisfaction, sending a very strong message to the public exposing the government's party’s bias towards the rich, rather than the rest of the population. ‘Tax cuts for the wealthy’ tell us that such things exist. The rich should be paying more in taxes in order to equalize the balance within the country, however that is not the case as we can see the boat tilting towards the richer rather than the …show more content…
However this cartoon totally destroys all the values of the audience, firstly the boat is not equal between the rich and the poor, which implies on the fact that there's a large gap. In addition to that, the ‘Senate GOP’ is telling the cat, which represents jobless benefits to ‘Git off the boat’, which implies on the fact that the government wants to stop funding the poor. The hidden message behind this is if the cat gets off the boat, it will topple more towards the rich and possibly even topple over. This plays a great significance because it suggests the fact that the economy will collapse, due to the fact that there will be no balance. Another very important point, worth analyzing is the tone of the Senate GOP, as you can see his mouth wide open, signifying that he is screaming at the cat to get of the deficit

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