Analyzing Visual Rhetoric Political Cartoon

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Analyzing visual rhetoric political cartoon
In this picture what it is trying to tell us that our leader of our country (Barack Obama) throw’s out a lot promises to the American people when he was trying to get elected, but all we received from him is little of what he said he would give us. At the beginning of Obama’s campaign he promised us that we would get a better healthcare system, and our job industry would increase to back to where it was before the recession. Yes he has created a few minuscule jobs, but the ones that he created do not help the middle to lower class. He also said that he would make it where companies would hire more people with disabilities.
The definition of SSI’s ability states that it pays benefits to you or your family members, if you are insured meaning that you have worked long enough to pay into Social Security. With an accident like mine, that happened when I was a kid. This type of benefits doesn’t apply to me, because my accident happened before I could even pay into taxes. This affects a lot of people some that are born with a disability, and some who receive it when they are very young. Being a person with a disability, I have not seen anything that would help this part of the population in the past few years. The only assistance programs that help people with disabilities that I have seen is the state school in Denton, and the campaign for disability employment. Most of those programs are for the mentally handicapped not the

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