Essay about Rhetorical Analysis : My Literacy Journey

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Understanding the rhetorical situation is essential to actively engaging and creating a piece of work. A rhetorical analysis of any text demands that we as readers see the text as having been composed for a particular purpose. In “My Literacy Journey” essay, improvement as a writer and reader was greatly achieved by delivering a vivid picture of how I gained the ability to read and write, as well as how I put those skills to work to shape my own life. To accurately grasp the process and understand the rhetorical situation that helped contribute to my writing, I will focus on reflecting and analyzing the exigence, context, constraints, and audience, shedding light on why this piece of writing took the shape that it did.
The exigence for my writing was due to the fact that it was an assignment that we as students were required to complete for English 1010. Being successful and reaching my goal to become a better writer is the main reason why my literacy narrative turned out the way that it did. Even though it was simply a school assignment, I still felt a connection with the content of the essay. When I was first given the topic of the literacy narrative, I quickly thought of my mother. Not only did it tell my personal story but it also allowed me to reflect on my life. I was able to reflect on how much I have grown as a student and how the smallest experience as a child shaped my literacy.
Texts do not originate out in the air, there had to be something or someone that gave…

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