Essay on Rhetorical Analysis (Domestic Violence)

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Please Don’t, Hit Me Baby One More Time! As an avid sports fan I have been highly troubled by the recent headlines to plague the NFL in recent months. It seems as if every week a new player is being accused of domestic violence. In the past these accusations have seemingly gone unnoticed as the player gets punished behind the scenes and continues playing the game we love to watch. However, now as the league is taking the horrific issue of domestic violence far more seriously we are starting to see just how prevalent it is in the NFL. While this is a significant step in creating more awareness for the issues of domestic violence, Rex W. Huppke wants people to realize how prevalent domestic violence is not just in the NFL, but everywhere, …show more content…
By using Keck, someone who has the position that would consistently put him in position to witness how companies deal with these policies or lack thereof, he is able to provide the audience a more authentic insight to how the workforce is currently ignoring or just not prepared to deal with the issue of domestic violence.
The second person Huppke brings into his article to establish ethos is Kim Gandy. Gandy is “president and CEO of the National Network to End Domestic Violence” (par. 10). Where Keck was used to present the issues in the workplace, Gandy is brought in to offer her solutions on what can be done. She stated some of the most basic steps that can be taken by a company when she said ‘just talking about it. Putting up posters. Having a speaker come in, doing employee education. Taking a position as an organization’ (par. 16). Gandy also addresses the validity of Keck’s second statement when she told Huppke ‘[it is important in] Having an ombudsperson or just somebody in HR who is trained and understands the complexities of domestic violence and what that means’ (par. 16). The solutions that Gandy offers up seem so simple and yet the fact that they aren’t already being done helps elaborate the point that Huppke is making that the workplace is far behind on dealing with the domestic violence issue. Presenting claims from two individuals with

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