Essay Rhetoric Is The First And Foremost Lesson All English 102

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Rhetoric is the first and foremost lesson all English 102 students must walk away with from this course with a full understanding of. Prior to this course I had a good understanding of rhetoric, but this course refreshed my memory and helped further direct me towards a better writing style due to better understanding. The discussion board "Understanding Rhetoric" helped navigate the students and help discuss with our peers on the topic. The videos we watched through this course helped me realize I used rhetoric on a daily basis more often than I had thought. Rhetoric is not only useful in written work, but in my field of work as well, I am a salesman by profession. My methods of persuasion use rhetoric in order to convince a customer to purchase an item they may have wanted or didn 't know they needed. After completing this course I will be able to define the purpose, reflect upon peer work and appeal to different audiences. As well as proper response to different rhetorical situations, proper use of conventions and format structure, appropriate level of formality coupled with the right voice and tone. The understanding of how genres change the way the work is written and how the genres influence the reading experience of the written work. The ability to write in different types of genres is a must in order to succeed in this course.

During the course, as I had gained more in depth knowledge of rhetoric, I noticed how other writers wrote to convince and how I would be…

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