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TOPIC: National Technology Policy Initiatives
MAIN ISSUE STATEMENT: Are you in favour of the legalization of Reproductive Health bill in the Philippines?
The Reproductive Health Bill, known as the RH Bill, are Philippine bills aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on contraception, fertility control, sexual education, and maternal care. The bills have become the center of a contentious national debate. There are presently two bills with the same goals: House Bill No. 4244 or An Act Providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health, and Population and Development, and For Other Purposes introduced by Albay 1st district Representative Edcel Lagman, and Senate Bill No. 2378 or An
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Not unlike contemporary adherents of natural cures for disease, he eschewed many then-mainstream, accepted medical practices. The original Greek version of the Oath, quoted by the Quill petitioners, required the followers of Hippocrates:
'to teach them this art--if they desire to learn it -- without fee and covenant;
[to] apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; not [to] give to a woman an abortive remedy not [to] use the knife'…
The text of the Hippocratic Oath has been modified many times through the ages. Contemporary versions, routinely adopted in medical-school graduation exercises and similar contexts…do not contain the prohibitions against surgery, abortion, or accepting fees for teaching medicine, and also omit the prohibition against physician-assisted suicide. In short, neither the Hippocratic Oath nor classical tradition provides a compelling ethical or professional prohibition of physician-assisted suicide."
4. No, Euthanasia is contrary to the dignity and preciousness of life Patrick Lee. "Personhood, Dignity, Suicide, and Euthanasia". The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly." Autumn

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