Review and Critique of: "Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective" A book by Caroline Bretell Carolyn Sargent

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Review and Critique of:

"Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective"
A book by Caroline Bretell Carolyn Sargent



In this book the focus is on how gender is constructed around the world. The book demonstrated many different areas in which women either ruled or ruled together with man. It leaves people with hope that the world is capable of an equalitarianism society. Many topics in the field of anthropology of gender are covered. The authors feature not only information from classic sources but also include recent literature from around the world. This book gives readers an awareness and understanding of the sociology of
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Many articles in the book could do just that. Let's take a look at a few.

First let's look at a paper the authors included in their book by Anne Murcott, " It's a Pleasure to Cook for Him: Food, Mealtimes, and Gender in Some South Wales Households." Murcott is exploring the culture of "home cooked" meals in families in South Wales. Many of the women interviewed said that they enjoyed cooking for their husbands and families. Others implied it was just what they did. Many even went as far as to question what kind of wife would not have a home cooked meal ready for her husband when he arrived. When Murcott asked the few men she had the opportunity to interview about meals in the home, they too implied that women cook the "home cooked" meals. You see in South Wells there is distinction between what constitutes a home cooked meal. Things like eggs and fried potatoes are not home cooked meals but rather a snack or breakfast food. There seems to be a lot of weight put on cooking a home cooked meal for your family. It should according to the families of South Wells, happen 2-4 times minimal a week and always on Sundays. One thing that is interesting in these families is that the men will help prepare the meal, help with children, and often wash dishes. However they rarely cook an entire "home cooked" meal. Murcott does a wonderful job of exploring how culturally in these families gender roles have been defined. One interesting fact was that no one

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