Revenge Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

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“To take revenge halfheartedly is to court disaster. Either condemn or crown your hatred.” –Pierre Cornielle. This reflects the idea that revenge is only effective when it is taken seriously and carried out in a very carefully thought out manner. If it is not done in this way, it can quickly transform into a disaster. In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, revenge is a very prominent theme. The main plot of the play is Hamlet attempting to obtain revenge against Claudius, who killed his father and stole his crown. Hamlet was visited by the ghost of his father and told to murder Claudius. His father also told him that he was murdered before he had the chance to confess his sins, and he wanted Claudius to have those same circumstances. Some would argue that Hamlet’s plan for revenge turned into a disaster, and that he was not successful due to the fact that most of the characters of the play ended up dead, but Hamlet only had one goal. His goal was to kill Claudius. Although Hamlet’s plan for revenge against Claudius ultimately resulted in the loss of his own life and the lives of many of his loved ones, he was still successful in obtaining his revenge because he did kill Claudius, and that was his only concern.

After finding out about the murder of his father, Hamlet’s only interest was to get revenge against Claudius, which indicates that nothing else that happened in the process of this revenge is relevant. When Hamlet first conversed with his father’s ghost, he…

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