The Theme Of Isolation In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Throughout the play of Hamlet there are many themes that could be addressed. One theme in particular is the theme of isolation. The protagonist who is Hamlet portrays this theme throughout the play many a time. After the truth about King Hamlet’s death is revealed, “An immense responsibility rests on Hamlet to revenge his father 's “foul and most unnatural murder”” (J. Treman, 2013). After hearing the truth about King Hamlet’s death, Hamlet had to decided if he would kill Claudius. Hamlet had a moral dilemma with conflicting differences among religion, personal ethics, and emotions, as a result this isolated himself from his society. Early in the play Hamlet is faced with a moral dilemma that challenged both faith and personal emotions. …show more content…
Hamlet states “O, that this too too-solid flesh would melt, thaw, and resolve itself into a dew! Or that the Everlasting had not fix’d his canon ‘gainst self-slaughter! God! O God!” (1.2 129-32). Hamlet wishes to be dead in hopes that it would take him away from everything that is going on. With all the news that he had received he was not quite sure on how to handle it. Hamlet decided not to kill himself because it was a sin, and goes totally against his religion. Hamlet is faced with many complications which only pushes him further and further away from everyone.
Eventually Hamlet’s self pity turns into a motive to seek revenge for himself. He is highly upset with the King and Queen and takes it upon himself to seek revenge. Unfortunately, the revenge becomes an act of selfishness Hamlet states “Haste me to know’t; that I, with wings as swift as a meditation or thoughts of love, May sweep to my revenge” (Hamlet, Shakespeare) In the quote above Hamlet is admitting that he will personally seek revenge and kill Claudius. This causes isolation with Hamlet because now he is out to get the new king, while the rest of the kingdom is in support of the new
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By him being so religious and understanding of the punishments that comes with sin it is just not an act that the normal Hamlet would have done. “Hamlet is undoubtedly a Christian tragedy because all of the characters embody a “Christian mentality and use Christian terms” (125). Like most scholars, Joseph focuses on Hamlet’s delay in murdering Claudius. Joseph believes that Hamlet’s “tragic flaw” is not his cowardice in is inability to act on revenge, but in that he went against his father’s spirit, and in doing so went against God, and developed hatred toward both Claudius and his mother when he was ordered to allow his duty to “taint” his mind (131). Analyses of Hamlet view Hamlet as a tragic hero, one that is compelled to follow the demands of the ghost, or even the expectations of God, but fails to do so.” (J. Treman, 2013). This is an example of one of the moral dilemmas that Hamlet was faced with, after he kills Polonius, he doesn’t stop there, his rage was so strong that he wouldn 't stop until Claudius was

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