Essay on Revelation : A Witness Of The Word Of God

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Revelation 1:1-20 introduces John, a witness of the word of God through Jesus Christ. God gave Jesus Christ a revelation of the things that must happen soon. Jesus Christ sent an angel to his servant John, where he then reveals of all he has seen. John reveals that those who listen and obey are blessed, for the time for God to come is near. This sections serves as an introduction to the mysteries that are about to be revealed through John. It also demonstrates that although John is the writer, Jesus Christ is the author. The next section, Revelation 1:4-8 is of John, serves as a warning of God’s arrival. John specifically highlights that the 7 spirits are what will accompany God in the judgment of the peoples. John wishes that the God and the 7 spirits will give people calm hearts and blessings. John writes to the seven churches in Asia and warns them that God is coming soon. In addition, John points out that Jesus is the true witness, is the first be born again from death, and freed us from our sins through his blood. Hence, because of Jesus Christ we are able to have an eternal life after death. John then explains that God will come with the clouds, and everyone will see Him, even those who betrayed Him. This section ends with God presenting his omnipotence by affirming that he is the beginning and the end. These versus demonstrate that God has all the power and rules over all, in which no one can escape.
Jesus Christ speaks to John in Revelation 1:9-16. However, John…

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