Essay on Revamping And Changing An Aspect Of Its Business

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There are challenges every organization will face when redesigning/changing an aspect of their business, whether it be a privately held company, nonprofit, or governmental agency. In the current state of business, redesign is taking change more often so understanding the challenges ahead of time is important. Aronowitz, De Smet, & McGinty (2015) point out a study conducted by McKinsey research of a large group of global executives, which said many companies are in a permanent state of fluidity. As it turns out, 60% of respondents said they had experienced a redesign within the past two years (Aronowitz et al., 2015). One explanation offered by Aronowitz et al. (2015) for this new flurry of activity is the accelerating pace of strategic change driven by the disruption of industries, and as a result, every time an organization changes direction, it alters the organization to deliver the hoped-for results. What is more telling is the fact that the frequency of organizational redesign reflects a high level of disappointment with the outcome; according to the research less than a quarter of organizational redesign efforts succeed (Aronowitz et al., 2015). With the amount of redesign taking place and the amount of unsatisfied results, it is important to make sure the organization is well prepared for the change. According to Aronowitz et al. (2015), a well-executed redesign pays off quickly in the form of better-motivated employees, greater decisiveness, and a stronger…

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