The Old Testament: The Resurrection Of Jesus

Introduction The Old Testament announced beforehand the message of the resurrection, and this message is the mercy and the grace of YHWH to save us from our sins. The New Testament was written having the resurrection of Christ as the foundation of its message. The prophecies concerning the last days, which the prophet Joel wrote, would begin to be fulfilled at the resurrection. The resurrection shows Christ’s power over death, allowing us to have a new life, an eternal one, with God in His kingdom. Christ’s accession marks the end of the times beginning, by God pouring his spirit over His people.
The Old Testament Gospel
The letters of Paul help when understanding the connection between the Old Testament and the New Testament; for example,
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Joseph was a member of the council, and probably was a rich man. Nicodemus brought the myrrh and aloes, and together with Joseph bound the body with linen and the mixture of myrrh and aloe, Nicodemus was a member of the Sanhedrin and had received a visit from Jesus to discuss about the kingdom of God. By bounding the body of Christ, Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea were fulfilling the prophecy of the prophet Isaiah . Not coincidentally myrrh was also the gift that the Jesus received when He was born, predicting His …show more content…
Jesus spoke to them, delivering what is called “The Great Commission”, saying that they should go preaching about Him, baptizing, and teaching what Jesus had taught them. Jesus also spoke about the end of times and promised that his spirit would be poured over them and the believers. Later Jesus would bless to his disciples, ascend to heaven, and sit at the right hand of the throne.
God perfectly orchestrated his plan to save humanity, since the Eden when he cursed the serpent. The covenant with Abraham, Moses, and David gave hints of Christ path on the earth. The resurrection and accession again shows the beginning of the end, not only because now His people have the Holy Spirit, but because most Christian’s hope is that Christ will come again as He promised to take all believers to heaven. Until Christ’s second coming, all the believers must take the Gospel sanctify themselves and preach it, so that more people may repent and go to

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