Restoring The Nation Of The Statue Of Liberty Analysis

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Restoring the Nation of “The Liberty”
The nation of the “Statue of Liberty” is known as the “land of opportunities.” However, how does every US citizen and non-citizen see and define the “American Dream” today? What was the “American Dream” definition before the term started being so famous? Many know that “The American Dream” gained power decades ago, for everyone saw America as the land of the opportunities to all. For Americans and immigrants, the “Statue of Liberty” was more than just a monument and represented hope, freedom, courage, and new beginnings. For many, America was where everyone’s dreams could become reality. Even though “The American Dream” definition for people of every race and ethnicity is very similar in many aspects, immigrants these days pass through many obstacles such as discrimination and a broken immigration system in order to achieve their “American Dream,” and even though several people in America lost their hopes on the “American Dream,” the nation can rise from the ashes once again if everyone stands together as equals with grit and perseverance.
The definition of “The American Dream” for an American and an immigrant is similar in many aspects. In the past, many
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Ethnic differences are still strong in places such as schools and jobs. Also, many immigrants are still ignored and laughed at for their looks, accent, or lack of English. Another issue that stands in immigrants’ way of achieving their “American Dream” is the broken immigration system in America. For example, without a valid US identification immigrants cannot get a college education (Tracy et al). The nonexistence of a valid US identification also contributes negatively for the US population’s safety, disrupts communities, and destroys dreams. So, how will America overcome the cultural barriers, the society’s contrasts, and divided

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