Life Liberty And Pursuit Of Happiness Analysis

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American Dream
The American Dream has a different meaning to everyone. In Clark’s essay she thinks the American dream is having equal opportunities and a better life. The American dream is not about fancy cars and wealth; it is about creating a society where everyone can be the person “they were born to be, regardless of social class, background or race”(Clark). Everyone has a purpose for coming to America, because they have their very own American dream.
In the Declaration of Independence of the United States it states that all men are created equal. This does support Clark’s thesis from paragraph one because she believes that everyone should have equal opportunities. “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness” are other characteristics of the American Dream.
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A lot of immigrants left huge cities in the east to find happiness and for inalienable rights. These immigrants came looking for their freedom, happiness and their dreams. The American dream can be attainable by all Americans as long as they set their mind to it and work really hard for it.
Most people think that the American dream is to work more hours, get their dream cars, houses for their families, but don’t have that much time to enjoy all their treasures in life. Others say the American dream is not to work as much but get payed well. Others look less focus on financial gain and more on living and enjoying life (Clark). Every American has a different vision of the American Dream. Thomas Wolfe thinks that no matter what skin color you are or where you were born should have the same golden opportunity to work and accomplish your American dream. I personally agree with his definition of the American dream. My definition of the American dream is to work hard to be able to buy your dream house , and buy whatever you wanted. Most people come to America for the educational opportunities , and freedom that all the other countries don’t

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