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UGB247- Responsible Business
Report on Corporate Responsibility
‘Fashion Retailing in Europe’
Laura Wallace: 1083579942
Module Leader/ Tutor: Mark Winter
15th May 2015
Word Count: 3,296


1.0 What is Corporate Responsibility?

Page 3

2.0 Key Issues of Corporate Responsibility

Page 3

2.1 Issues Relating to Outsourcing

Page 4 and 5

2.2 Child Labour

Page 5 and 6

2.3 The Use of Animal Fur and Environmental Issues

Page 6 and 7

3.0 Best Practice Within the Sector

Page 7

3.1 Primark, Compensation and Utilitarianism

Page 7 and 8

3.2 H&M, Child Labour and Deontology

Page 8

3.3 M&S and Virtue Theory

Page 8 and 9

4.0 Recommendations

Page 9

4.1 Responsibility Auditing
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Carroll (1991) states that they are all important issues but in more recent years, ethical and philanthropic functions have begun to have a lot more significance in companies. The fashion retail industry in Europe is a huge oligopolistic sector. Looking at Appendix 2 and 3, it is clear that the sector involves major companies which customers use regularly such as: H&M, Primark and Arcadia (Includes Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, BHS, Miss
Selfridge, Burton, Wallis, Evans). These companies have a massive turnover each year and according to Ormrod (2014) the sector as a whole, is expected to exceed the expenditure peak of 296.2bn Euros by 2017 after the economic troubles in Europe.
Looking at this industry as a whole, there are multiple issues of corporate responsibility surrounding it. The key issues that will be addressed in relation to stakeholders in this report include the supply chain relative to workers in Asian countries due to fast fashion; the use of fur in clothing; the environmental impact of the operations in this sector and of course, child labour. Looking at supply chains within companies that sell fashion retail products in Europe, it is apparent that there are major issues surrounding the ethical and environmental responsibility of certain companies.

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