Essay about Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility
Natasha Ross
Susan Ricardo Buckley

Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility is the ability to take ownership of your own words and actions. In order to have college success you have to be able to hold yourself accountable. For example, show up and put in the work. It is also important to adjust your priorities to reach your goal. When we start school we do not realize all that goes into it, we just wake up and say let’s start school. Committing to take responsibility for your success is one of the major keys to an amazing career and life success. To get the best education we have to set goals, You cannot start something without knowing what you are working towards. My goal is to
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We are the key to our success, and we need to be sure to hold ourselves above standard. One way that we can always stay on track is to be organized. There are so many things at our disposal that we just have to make sure that we use them. Everyone has a smartphone and with every smartphone comes many options. A calendar can be used to mark all-important dates such as meetings, test, exams and major projects. We all pay a lot of money to attend college we have to do the best we can do and make sure that we are being reasonable. For those that may not have an Internet capable device we have to go back to the old fashioned way of making a checklist. When you wake up in the morning grab that notepad and write everything down that you need to get done that day, college is you wanting to do better for yourself. I know I tend to do that so instead of feeling overwhelmed and feeling as if I will not get to something, I'll set a timer to give myself time to accomplish all that I need to do and not get side tracked. You do not want to get stuck on one aspect when we can try to achieve half of our business within one day. Besides going to school to get successful, you also go to make friends that later turn into family. Within your growing college career, you become so close it becomes your study group. This is an amazing thing because you do not have to feel alone if you are stuck

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