Malala's Argumentative Essay

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About 70 million kids across the globe can’t get an education. 66 million of them are girls. They never get to live up to their true potential. One of them could find a cure to cancer. One of them could be the greatest gymnast of all time. One of them could even go to Neptune for all we know. Due to cultural beliefs, most girls jobs are to take care of the home and have children. Malala’s mother, Toor Pekai was among them. Malala's work in fighting for education has distanced her from her mother because they do not have the same cultural beliefs, Malala has received more education than her and they can not relate to each other, and Malala's work requires her to be with her father more often. Malala’s work has distanced her from her mother …show more content…
Malala grew up in a classroom. Her father was the principal for the school. She would often sneak into the classroom of the older girls to learn. She did not care who was in the class or where it was, she just wanted to learn. Malala’s mother cares about those things as she was in school for only one day and was the only girl there. At the end of the day she traded her books for candy. “My mother loved school work even more than I did, if that was possible. My father said it was because she had been deprived of learning for so long. in the evenings she and I would work on our homework together. Two generations of Pashtun women huddled over their books” (Yousafzai, page 121) When Malala and her mother studied, It was the closest they had ever been. With all of the Taliban chaos, they found happiness huddled over their school books. It proves how powerful education can be. Education is not all about learning how to solve for X or to write a stellar essay. It's about learning. Learning in general. Learning good and bad. Learning how to write your name. Something so simple we don’t realize how often we use the skills. Malala and her mother are not as close as they were because Malala has received more education than her

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