Responsibility Of Holding Police Officers Essay

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Police work is a highly taxing and combative job where situations get aggravated in split seconds. Either patrolling a notorious neighbourhood, chasing a criminal on the streets or getting in a cross-fire with the suspect ,life is always on the edge. The tough choices made in these irksome situations are highly subject to the Police officers’ power to exercise his discretion. But with having discretionary power, police officers also accountable for their conduct with the public and other members of the criminal justice system. Civilian oversight refers to the responsibility of holding police officers to account, which is conducted by civilians and citizens of the society who does not have direct access or control over the criminal justice system. It has been a debatable issue from years that who should be policing the police in order to eliminate deviant behaviors or practices from the policing environment. There is no doubt that police officers must be held accountable for the deviant behaviors or the actions they take which are against the law. In this paper, we will consider both pro and con sides of the issue related with civilian oversight and also the other problematic
POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY AND DECISION MAKING The quality of policing depends on making decisions. Many cognitive factors are involved in decision making and these must be understood so as to enhance the quality of decisions taken by police officers. Police officers have the authority to use force to…

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