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March 16, 2011
Keisha Garland

America Deficient

Have you ever notice, that when people are driving down the interstate, and they begin to approach their exit to get to their destination, traffic is always backed up by a slow traffic light. As the drivers get closer to the traffic light they notice that there is a homeless people on the ramp holding a sign in his hand stating that they need food or money. In today’s economy, unemployment is at an all-time high. Many Americans face issues that impact their way of life, causes stress, and creates financial strain which makes it hard to provide for their family. No one can deny that unemployment
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It is also a good idea to take an occasional break from your job hunting schedule. Spending time with your friends and participating in activities you enjoy will help to keep your spirits elevated. The loss of income that results from unemployment could lead to a decline in the standard of living of the individual or house-hold. On the other hand, stress is the next important fact that has an impact on unemployed American. Stress can lead someone in a bad place if they don’t know how to balance it in their life. Mental and physical stress is two impacts that unemployed people will face. Mentally, becoming unemployed can result in a drop in status among friends and family and in the community at large. This may lead to a loss of self-esteem (Bjorklund, 1985). Once the individual self-esteem is impact it will soon lead the person into a depress state of mind Depression is when someone is unhappy or just feels hopeless. Excuses will always occur when it comes to them accomplishing tasks. Family and friend will only be around if they can see an individual trying to do something with their life. Creating a plan to follow is very helpful in alleviating unemployment depression. For example, you can volunteer or take a college course to acquire a new job skill and boost your resume. It is also a good idea to take an occasional break from

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