Data Analysis Approach To The Star Trek Paradigm

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Introduction: This paper provides a response to questions concerning research paradigms. A journal article for each of the four social paradigms was selected. A summary table identifying the social paradigm, research method, data collection technique and data analysis approach is provided. A structured narrative response to how each of the articles addresses the research question follows the summary table. The paper concludes with rationale for the research paradigm that appeals most to me.

Sociological Paradigm Journal Article Research Method Data Collection Technique Data Analysis Approach
Positivist Reinventing strategies for emerging markets Case Study Interviews & Archival Documents Content , Conversation & Document
Interpretivism Articulating the meanings of Star Trek 's culture of consumption Ethnography Fieldwork, Participatory Observations, Interviews & Documents Coding, Content, Conversation & Memo
Critical Theory Realizing emancipatory principles in
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Research Method: The strategy of enquiry (Myers, 2013) in the article is ethnographic research. The article uses an ethnographic approach to understand the social, cultural and sub-cultural context and meanings of the Star Trek phenomena. The author provides a compelling literature review of ethnography in social theory to provide a basis for an ethnographic approach to study the Star Trek subculture. As a fan of Star Trek, the author embeds himself as an ethnographic researcher and participant in the Star Trek subculture of consumption for 20 months (Kuznets, 2001). The intent of the participatory approach is to become a student of and learn from (Myers, 2013) the Star Trek culture. The ethnographic research method is adopted to enable the researcher to get close (Myers, 2013) to the Star Trek craze. Becoming embedded in the Star Trek culture minimizes gaps between the researcher and the phenomena in a manner that enables a richer and in-depth contextual understanding of the

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