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DESCRIPTION: the photo above you can see how children are used to ask people for money not only the young child carrying a baby in her arms which in many cases is done on purpose for begging purposes you can also see on the top left an adult pulling a child’s arm to put out her hand to beg.

DATE:AUGUST 11, 2010

Friday, February 18, 2011

Documentary: Street Children and Poverty in the Philippines


Is there anything we can do about poverty in the Philippines?


This picture was taken in San Rafael, Brgy. Tikilaan, Municipality of Talakag Province of Bukidnon Mindanao Philippines during the
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The most urgent needs include potable water, medicine, food, and clothes.


Archipelagic confederation

(April 26, 2006: This article will attempt to present an alternative political structure advancing genuine citizens' politics through free assemblies and independent structures from the barangay and communities in current political crisis in the Philippines.)


Many of us will agree that in our context, democracy seems elusive. Until now, a vast number of people are in extreme poverty, deprived of basic needs, and are politically marginalized. We know that poverty is caused by the uneven distribution of power where only a few can decide over critical things such as the use of natural resources and distribution of its benefits. Who among us was ever asked or consulted by the government in its program of environmental destruction which has only profited big corporations which are then controlled by a few families and foreign corporations? Did the government bother to ask peasants, farmers, fisher folk, workers, women, youth, gays, consumers, and other sectors with regard to the Philippine government's accession to the WTO and its conclusion of various bilateral agreements? Who wants E-VAT and debt payment?


According to the Department of Health, Dengue cases in the country have already reached a record high of 70,000. Although there is still no cure

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