Research Study : Much More Than Age Essay

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Newby (2010) put forward that research is more a very creative process involving with philosophy assumption, methodology, methods and research question than a matter of collecting data and answering the question. In order to understand some basic concepts of research, the author try to review a research study: Much More Than Age. This article is divided into three parts. The first part is going to analysis the key philosophical assumption the researchers have and the relationship between methodology and methods. The second part is going to illustrate the relationship between research, theory and practice. The third part is going to reveal some ethical challenges in the research and try to put forward a solution.

Assumption, relationship between methodologies and methods
Newby (2010) notes that the significance of research philosophy due to it demonstrates the views and values about the world. In this paper, the researchers show their values and beliefs about the real social world. The assumption of researchers could be pragmatism for the following reasons. First, researchers use diverse approaches employing “what works” (Creswell & Clark, 2010) including test and interview. Denscombe (2008) refers that pragmatism regard as the philosophical underpinning for the mixed method research. As can be seen both quantitative and qualitative research approach all used in this single research. It might not hard to find researchers use test to measure language…

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