Research Report On Green Supply Chain Management Essay

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1. Introduction

Supply chain management refers to the management of relationships and flows between operations and process (Slack, et al., 2012). Through recent studies, presenting an increasing interest in the topic that is Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM). GSCM aims at the whole optimal material and information flows on the value supply chain management, especially for the aspect of ecological and sociological (Kumar, Teichman and Timpernagel., 2012). The research paper from Tachizawa, Gimenez and Sierra (2015) analysed the complicated interrelationships among GSCM approaches, environmental drivers and environmental performance. This article will be chosen as the main research article in this essay.
Firstly, this article was hoped two GSCM approaches to improve environmental performance: monitoring and collaboration. The former relies on auditing that can reduce information asymmetry maybe, while the latter based on positive approaches such as supplying training and teaching to suppliers and joint development. Only one performance was estimated in this article. Hence the three hypotheses were stated: H1, Monitoring GSCM practices have positive effects on environmental performance. H2, Collaborative GSCM practices relate to environmental performance positively. H3, Monitoring GSCM practices are positively connected with collaborative. Moreover, this article suggested driver factors which divided by non-coercive and coercive. So the two hypotheses were put forward the…

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