Research Proposal- Alcohol Abuse Leads to Domestic Violence Essay

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Determining whether Alcohol abuse leads to Domestic Violence


This study seeks to analyze and examine the effects that alcohol abuse may have on domestic violence cases. The main goal of this study is to determine whether or not alcohol or alcohol abuse really has an affect on people and if it causes domestic violence or not. This study will be helpful in many ways and instances and it will help those who are still wondering whether or not these to completely different social problems have any relation.

The area of study is domestic violence and the affect that alcohol abuse may have on the issue. Domestic violence happens in all cultures, people of all races, ethnicities and religions. It occurs and
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The part of batterer's ongoing pattern of abuse such as economic control, sexual violence and intimidation have little or no identifiable connection to his use of or dependence on alcohol. (Kantor & Straus, 1987), The lack of information about the nature of this abuse and the attachment to the theory which suggests that the physiological effects of alcohol include a state of lowered inhibitions in which an individual can no longer control his behavior developed the belief that alcoholism causes domestic violence. However, the research conducted within the alcoholism field suggests that the most significant determinant of behavior after drinking is not the physiological effect of the alcohol itself, but the expectation that individuals place on the drinking experience. (Marlatt & Rohsenow, 1980)

The belief that alcohol lowers inhibitions remain and along with it a historical tradition of holding people who commit crimes while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is less accountable than those who commit crimes in a sober state despite such research findings. In the same way, batterers find themselves less accountable for battering perpetrated when they are under the influence of alcohol. This shows that alcohol provides a ready and socially acceptable excuse for their violence. (MacAndrew & Edgerton, 1969) On the other hand, research shows a high correlation between alcohol abuse and incidents of

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