Research Paper On Victimless Crime

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Is There Such Thing As a Victimless Crime?
Tekya Morman
CJC-112 Criminology
James Crawford
Fall 2015

Abstract For my research paper I will talking about victimless crimes. I will research this topic to prove whether or not there is victimless crimes or not. I will find evidence to back up why there are victimless crimes.I will explain what a victim is to give the reader a better idea of what a victimless crime would be. I will explain what a victimless crime is and what crime fall under that category and what crimes don’t. I will explain why these certain crimes do and don’t fall under this category. I will explain the both sides of the controversial topic by explaining why people think there are victimless
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Many people would say that there is no such thing as a victimless crime and I would have to agree with them. " Victimless crime- an offense at law which is committed between willing partners or in a situation where there is no individual against who the crime is committed". (The New Zealand Oxford Dictionary) A victimless crime is basically a crime that has no victim. In other words it is a crime in which the people involved consent to the crime and everyone complies and nobody ends up getting hurt, and if they do it is because they wanted to, so technically that doesn’t make them a victim. According to Victimless Deviance it says, "In surveys of perceived seriousness, acts causing physical harm are invariably rated as the most serious, followed by acts causing property loss or property damage, while victimless crimes are generally rated as the least serious". (Stylianou page, 44) Victimless crimes are still crimes. In any crime there is always a victim. Whether its murder, robbery, rape, burglary, drugs, assault. There is always a victim. There are several crimes that to some could be considered "victimless crimes". This research paper is to prove that all crimes have victims and there is no such thing as a "victimless …show more content…
It is one of the biggest topics because many people will say that abortion is a victimless crime because the fetus has no say in what happens and doesn’t have the ability to consent because it is not a person yet. In reality as soon as that fetus has a heartbeat it is alive. Part of the definition of a victim it says is one who is killed. When a person has a heartbeat that means they are alive. Being taken of your life, means that you are a victim. A fetus is a living person and does not deserve to be killed. Taking a life of a unborn child is wrong and doesn’t give that baby the chance to truly live. Many people will say that a fetus is not able to make that decision on their own and they are not victims because they arent being killed. When you purposely take someone's life that is what killing is. Any fetus that is not born yet, that gets aborted is a victim to a crime. From the article Abortion revived: Is the fetus a person? Can the present law remain in light of State vs. Courchesne? It says, " It is a well-established biologic fact that human life begins when the process of fertilization, I.e., conception, occurs. The fertilized egg is called a The zygote possessed all the hereditary material necessary to control that individual's growth and development for the rest of his or her life". (Locke, page 301) With that being said, it is very clear that from the very beginning of a fetus's life,

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