Essay about Research On Solid Waste Management

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Azam, A. S., & Mansoor, A. (2004). Partnerships for solid waste management in developing countries: linking theories to realities. Habitat International, 28, 467-479.
In this article, Azam and Mansoor review the public and private sectors in management of solid waste and the possibilities of their partnership. They use existing theories to support their argument of vertical integration of solid waste services between small-scale agencies and the public sector over the current isolated arrangement in the industry. The main limitation of the article is that it focuses developing countries as a whole, thus the suggestion may not be applied in particular city due to the complexity of social and political structure.
Elliott, P., Briggs, D., Morris, S., Hoogh, C. d., Hurt, C., Jensen, T. K., et al. (2001). Risk of adverse birth outcomes in populations living near landfill site. British Medical Journal, 323, 363-368.
The article seeks to inspect the risk of adverse birth outcome associated with population resides near landfill in Great Britain. The authors analyze health and denominator data of the populations with 2km of a landfill site. They conclude there is small excess risk of congenital anomalies and low and very low birth weight in population, which indicates there may be a possible causal association with the distances to landfill.
Issam A., A.-k., Hassan A., A., Thabet, B., Hadeel, S., Ammar, S. J., & Wasif, A. (2007). Trends and problems of solid waste management in…

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