Research Methods And Methods Of Research Essay

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In this paper, I will discuss the research methods availability in OBAR200 and address some of the incompatible research methods that were available. This paper will make a justification of the methodology or methodologies that have been used throughout my research and how they were useful and relevant.
During the research of my question, I tried out different types of research methods to be able to gather groups of information from various sources, ranging from journal articles, books, statistics, websites and videos, so the understanding of my research questions could become revealing to my thoughts. There were multiple research methods, I evaluated and used but found quite a lot of them did not come in as useful. Finding it quite difficult to incorporate the tools and methods into my research.
Quantitative Method
The quantitative method uses pieces of information that were counted which were gathered through the use surveys from a large number of individuals who are randomly selected for inclusion. The secondary data such as census data, government statistics and health system are often included within this method (Cheng and Phillips 2014, 372). During the research of my question I tried applying this method to my research but found related secondary data was not available always or accessing government, statistics was a little difficult as my research question is quite a major issue. The statistics and number data was very limited due to this the research…

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