Research Methods And Deviance : A Sociological Perspective Essay

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Research Methods and Deviance There are three ways that someone could do sociological research. These three ways include positivist sociology, interpretive sociology, and critical sociology. Although these ways to do sociology have many strengths, there are also weaknesses within each method. These methods are used to research many things, but one in particular is deviance amongst society and the functions which it plays. The first way to do sociological research is positivist sociology. By definition, positivist sociology is “the study of society based on scientific observation of social behavior” (mac 16). The scientists who use this method are interested in what science has to offer for explanation in a sociological context. Using science, positivist sociologists use concepts, variables, and different measurements. A concept is a simplified construct and an example of one would be family. A variable is a concept, which changes. An example of this is social class and how it can vary from upper to lower. A measurement is “a procedure for determining the value of a variable in a specific case” (17). A measurement of social class could be finding out the education of someone or looking at the brands of clothes they wear. When using measurements, it is essential that they are reliable and valid. Reliability refers to being consistent and validity refers to being factually sound. It is not accurate if something is reliable, but not valid. For example, if a…

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