Research Evaluation Tables Essay

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ACT500: Research Evaluation Tables

Article 1: Measuring Performance | Henri, Jean-Francois. (2010). The Periodic Review of Performance Indicators: An Empirical Investigation of the Dynamism of Performance Measurement Systems. European Accounting Review, 19(1), 73-96. Retrieved from | Research Topic | Dynamism of Performance Measurement Systems | Problem or Opportunity | Henri (2010) identified there was a lack of information present in management accounting literature related to how change in an organization drive change in performance measurement systems. Henri sought to explore
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| Research Evaluation | The researchers in this study used Likert Scale questions to assess performance measurement at the organization. Likert Scales are frequently used when a researcher wants to measure attitudes about a certain topic (Plano Clark & Criswell, 2010). The researchers also demonstrated the validity of the study by having experts in the field test the instrument in three different groups and provide feedback (Plano Clark & Criswell, 2010). One problem with this study was the response rate was only 24 percent which increases the risks of bias in the study (Bowling, 2005). This study is written to cover the topic of how performance measurement should change, and when, which is a practical topics for managers to review.The overall conclusion of this study found organizations willing to periodically review performance measures have better overall organizational performance. This information would be beneficial to my agency because we use performance measures to make decisions in the organization. Evaluating performance measures to ensure they are still applicable to our work will allow us to adjust performance measures to increase overall organizational performance. ReferencesBowling, A. (2005, September) Mode of questionnaire administration can have serious effects on data quality. Journal of Public Health. 27(3), 281-291.Plano Clark, V. & Creswell, J. (2010)

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