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Research critique part 2: Developing patient nurse relationship

Chinwe Obukwelu

Grand Canyon University

September 2, 2012

Introduction to nursing research

Schlagel Martha

The purpose of this study is set out to explore the interaction between patients and nurses in community practice settings, in order to understand the social meanings and understands brought to the interaction and at play within it.

“Interaction is fundamental to the development of the patients perspective is quintessential in their experience of being a patient (Morse, 1991).”

Practice nurse employees in four community health centers were approached and invited to participate. A sample of patient
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In contrast other patient participants described a sense of connectedness with the nurse, which led to the construction of confidence.

“Confidence was noted to be a fundamental characteristic of the patient-nurse relationship (Luke et al, 2000, Mead and Bower 2000).”

Socio-culture characteristics emerged as important to locating other in the social world and relating to them in patient-nurse interaction. Age emerged as a key characteristic taken into account by nurse, stereotypical comments were made in the course of general social conversations; it proved more difficult to generate an account associated with socio-economic status.

“The approach to analysis was consistent with principles of theoretical sensitivity (Glaser and Strauss, 1967)” and emergence.

Categories were generated and substantive theory constructed. Robustness was established by summarizing the key points of each interview to each participant and making any amendments they suggested, also continually revisiting the data, and referring to field notes in the context of each participants account.

Two categories were constructed “experience” and “investment”. Category of experience was generated from the historically crafted meanings and understandings that patients and community practice

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