Research Critique Essay

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The Nursing and Midwifery Council [NMC] (2008) report that all professional nurses have a responsibility to deliver care based on current evidence, best practice and validated research when it is available, Gomm and Davies (2000) confirm this by stating that government and professional guidance insist that professional practice should be based on evidence.

Nurses are the largest professional group among health care workers worldwide; they carry out numerous interventions with patients and patient’s carers. The nurse’s decisions and actions affect the lives of many people, and therefore, it is sound knowledge that nursing practice should be based on robust evidence (Parahoo 2006).
Burns and Grove (2005), state that a solid research base
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Article A
The first thing that was observed from the reviewer is that article A’s title is 23 words long, however the reviewer found that although it does clearly state the intention of the research piece, it had to be read several times to understand it completely. Coughlan et al (2007) suggested that the title of an article should be between 10 and 15 words long and should clearly identify the purpose of the study. Parahoo (2006) emphasises that titles that are too long or too short can be confusing or misleading. Coughlan et al (2007) suggests that qualifications of the authors should be taken into account when critiquing an article, as it would help to identify their professional background, and give some indication of their knowledge and expertise in the field of practice that is the focus of the study. From the six authors of the research, five of them hold an MSc qualification, however they all hold PhD qualification’s and they all work in universities in the UK. This lead the reviewer to hold the view that the research is valid and reliable based on the high qualifications of the authors, however, Coughlan et al (2007) remarked that a research study should be evaluated on its own merits and not assumed to be valid and reliable simply based on the author’s qualification. When looking at the abstract Coughlan et al (2007) suggest that from reading such, the reader should be able to identify the main points of the study and decide from this

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