Repsonse Paper to Mccloskey

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Response Paper to McCloskey Article “On Being an Atheist” H.J. McCloskey, claims that “proofs” offered by theists for the existence of God simply do not provide evidence that there is one omnipotent, omniscient being. His arguments about “proofs” question why people are theists, and why theists should abandon their arguments or “proofs”. He claims that most people do not believe in God because of their lack of knowledge about evolution, but in fact most theist believe in God and consider themselves theists, because there is documented evidence that supersedes any “hypothesis” or “theory” that scientists have on the life forms on earth, and even earth itself. “In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth.” …show more content…
If we are to believe that everything started with, “The Big Bang Theory”, then we should start there. What was the cause of the big bang? What caused whatever caused the big-bang? And what caused, what caused the big bang…etc? These questions could be discussed forever and never actually arrive at an answer. On the same coin, opposite side, at one point, starting from the earth, you will eventually end up with, because God created… That alone would make God necessary, because that is the only way to end the argument. McCloskey calls, Design, a theist’s offer of proof. While Design may not prove that God created the world it certainly provides some evidence to the argument that He does exist. The Teleological argument indicates that there is design, and where there is design there is a designer. McCloskey argues that to get the proof going there needs to be indisputable examples of design or purpose, and no such evidence exists. Consider the process of photosynthesis and its complexity. Basically plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen providing a necessary function for life to continue. No one teaches the plants to function in this capacity. These functions allude to a designer who purposely provided a means to ensure that life persists. While nothing is indisputable, this example of the natural process of life implies a “Creator” had a very well designed plan. McCloskey implies that evolution has displaced the need

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