Representation And Its Purpose Of A Representative Government

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Representation and its Purpose
Nicholas Mickulin October 3rd, 2014.

The concept of a representative government was meant to be as representational as possible. The idea of a representative government is to filter the opinion of the masses by electing a small elite to run the country. This idea of government is actually contradictory because a representative government never represents everyone in the populace. In a representative government, representatives can only represent the majority that elected them. The representatives do not care about the minority in their district or state because the minority did not elect them. In reality, the majority is the only one being represented in that district or state, while the minority is not. A truly representational government would have multiple representatives that represent both the majority and the minority in their area. Some critics would argue that the minority is represented elsewhere, in other districts and states. This is not true because every district and state has its own issues. For example, a minority in Nebraska that believes their district should receive corn subsidies will never be represented by a representative in Alaska, even if that representative believes in corn subsidies, because the Alaskan representative is trying to represent the majority in Alaska only. This example is why representation is not truly representational and never will be. You can never represent everyone while…

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