Reporting And Responding Of A Doctor 's Surgery, And A Registered Nurse Of 15 Years

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Reporting and Responding to the Interview
Amanda Curran, the manager of a doctor’s surgery, and a registered nurse of 15 years kindly assisted me by allowing me to interview her on the 4th of April, 2016. Throughout the interview, a high level of the importance was placed on two main recurring themes, those being the significance of building rapport between yourself and a patient, and using written communication in favour of verbal communication in the workplace. However, aside from these topics, Amanda also touched on different communication methods and highlighted the pro’s and con’s of each type of interaction, all of which aligned with what we have learnt so far in this unit.
Relating to the Interview
For the most part, the topics Amanda discussed were similar to both what we have learnt in this unit, and knowledge I have picked up from working in customer service over the past 5 years. Through this experience in working with customers I have similarly found that building a relationship between yourself and a customer is significant, this is a point that Amanda touched on a number of times. In my experience as a barista I have found that customers are greatly appreciative when you let them know when a problem has occurred, rather than leaving them in the dark. In doing so, you are able to build a trusting relationship wherein your competency is not questioned, nor will the problem escalate any further. This is reiterated by the opinion Amanda presented. Similarly, the…

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