Reorganizational Change Analysis

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Identify two reorganizational changes and their impacts to the team.

Reorganization often happens when there are new acquisitions, take over transfer of ownership, bankruptcy that take place in an organization (Kibilko, 2009). Reorganization often occurs when the companies have tried to make the new venture financing to increase company values, and in the end, fails badly.
The best way for employees to deal with this type reorganization change is to understand the new business culture. Understanding the goals and targets of the company and manage duties as well as other duties.

Suggestions and Strategies for Managing the Change
This section identifies suggestions and strategies for managing the reorganization change.
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A leader should motivate and loyal and truthful organization. The best way to motivate employees and praise them for their hard work, leaders should not dominate their team members and instead they should help to build a positive energy and achieve goals in the organization.

Communication Plan

Identify two specific ways you will keep your supervisor informed.

The best way to keep supervisor up to date is to keep discussing with him and each other always even when the task is done. Communicate and the leader needs to understand what job is the people are under taking and if the job is completed. The next involves taking the time to access your supervisor’s personality, operating style.

Activities Required

Action Item Reason Expected Outcome

1. Leadership Leadership can be determined by motivation and guidance With good leadership the team will be able accept the changes well.

2. Planning Planning can be advance how to achieve the goals. Planning will help what the company has stored in the future.

3. Communication with staff Communication skills are understanding the message. The lack of communication is to understand the employees and their
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Having to know how to express yourself and studying the negative feelings in the business environment. Progressive organization can help you understand the importance in making other changes, and it will take an effect in any negative feelings and the expression of the feelings that will only make it difficult for the employees to understand (Burks,,2012).

A good workplace is one which inspires and motivates to work in a good a job environment. Having to be in a stress free environment and excellent communication protocols Employees working under these conditions will perform better and have great productivity.


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