Rene Magritte 's ' Everything We See Hides Another Thing ' Essay

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As stated by the famous surrealist artist, Rene Magritte, “Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see”. Majority of his paintings were done during the surrealism movement. This movement began in the 20th century and it allowed artists and writers to tap into the unconscious minds of individuals through their creative works. Rene Magritte used common everyday objects in his paintings and transformed them into cryptic and thought provoking images by using veils, colors, and proper placement of objects and people. In order to understand the meaning behind Magritte’s paintings, one must understand the artist. At the ripe age of fourteen, Rene Magritte was forced to deal with the death of his mother. She committed suicide and her body was found in a nearby river. Magritte watched as he body was carried out from the waters with a cloth covering her face. In his famous paintings The Lovers I and II, the characters faces are covered in cloth. When his artwork is viewed without the knowledge of events in his life such as this, then the artwork has a very narrow meaning. Knowing that his mother’s face was covered when he saw her, helps those viewing his art to think deeper. Instead of concluding that their faces were covered in the painting because the artists was too lazy to draw their faces, the viewers can see the veils as a way to predict their futures. His mother died and to symbolize that she had a cloth covering her…

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